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ABSOLUT SABOR is an ad featuring the Absolut Vodka bottle in it's traditional pose: on a reflective surface, in a bright spotlight and against a dark background. The difference here is that the bottle is adorned by some costume jewelry, in the form of a long string of clear (mostly), blue and white beads. Sabor is translated from Spanish to English as Gusto. In turn, gusto can be defined as (1) an individual or special taste, (2) enthusiastic and vigorous enjoyment or appreciation, or (3) vitality marked by an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm. All three definitions can be used to characterize the beads and the vodka, as well as the people who favor them. Hence, the logo! Written in Spanish, under the logo, is: Claramente Se Mueve A Tu Ritmo. ©2003
Copyright: 2003
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