Absolut Amsterdam.
Bicycle full of luggage as if someone was moving.
Absolut Amsterdam.
Boat passing through icebergs in an ocean.
Absolut Arkhangelsk.
Same as Absolut Peak.  Aerial view of a ski slope.
Absolut Aspen.
Ancient stone ruins shaped as a bottle.
Absolut Athens.
Aerial view of Atlanta's airport.  Planes are parked in a way that forms a bottle.
Absolut Atlanta.
Aerial view of a harbor that has many ships docked in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut Auckland.
Absolut Bangkok.
Mosaic tiles on a fountain in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut Barcelona.
Absolut Beijing.
Piece of what used to be the Berlin wall in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut Berlin.
Aerial view of a golf course in Boca Raton, Florida.
Absolut Boca.
Absolut Bogota.
Cities of Latin America
Aerial view of the basketball court in the new Fleet Center in Boston where the Celtics play.
Absolut Boston.
Bags of tea in the water formed in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut Boston.
Absolut Bronx.
Brooklyn Bridge
Absolut Brooklyn.
Bottle statue with water spout.
Absolut Brussels
Absolut Brussels.
Absolut Budapest.
Absolut Buenos Aires.
Absolut Capecod.
Absolut Capetown.
Absolut Capitol Hill.
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