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ABSOLUT KARAOKE is a version of the "traditional" Absolut Vodka ad with the bottle in a bright spotlight, against a dark backdrop, and resting on a reflective surface. The variation here is unique: we see a close-up of the bottom half of the bottle and the view is so close that the dark background is off the page. Part of the bottle's message is colored in pink: "...ds of Southern Sweden. It has been produced at the famous old distilleries nea..." Part of the logo, ABSOLUT KA, is also pink.

Karaoke is the singing of the lyrics of a song to its instrumental version. The lyrics are displayed on a screen, with a moving portion, highlighted in pink, to follow as you sing along. Karaoke is a Japanese coined word. Kara means empty in English and oke is a kind of abbreviation for orchestra. Karaoke itself means "songs without vocals". In this ad, the Absolut advertisers apparently want us all to sing the praises of their product.

This 1997 European ad was previously published as a small ad in that year. I believe that this is the first full sized printing of the ad.

12/02 - 1/03 Flux mag (UK), bc
Grapefruit Design

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