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WAR CHILD and ABSOLUT ARIES are two parts of a new Absolut ad found on pages 255 and 257 of the 4/99 issue of Vogue magazine (UK edition). The 2 photos are the same images used for the 2-page ABSOLUT ARIES ad that is part of the ABSOLUT ZODIAC COLLECTION. The new ads feature a model wearing a black dress and an Absolut hat, while standing in the midst of a fire on the first page (War Child). This is appropriate since Aries, the Bull, is a fire sign. The second page (Absolut Aries) has a close-up of the hat which somewhat resembles the horns of a bull; the word Absolut is sewn onto the brim.
The WAR CHILD page states: "Vogue Promotion. The first of the fire signs, Absolut Aries is a fighter: confrontational, passionate and, above all, hot-headed. Absolut Vodka has created a fashion collection based on the signs of the zodiac. Pictured here and overleaf, Swedish designer Marina Kereklidou offers her interpretation of Aries.
Photographer: Karina Taira
Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
Hair & Make-up: Alexis Dralet
Model: Magdelena Wrobel @ Next

WAR CHILD Erika fell in love when she was fighting a war, attacking the enemy, dodging the hail of shell fire and living on her survival instincts. There was no time to whisper sweet nothings ... "

The ABSOLUT ARIES page continues: " ... only the force of the battle mattered." The Absolut Aries logo is at the bottom and the traditional TBWA jargon runs up the left margin, including a 1999 copyright date and a repeat of the words Vogue Promotion.

Between the 2 Absolut ad pages is the magazine's monthly Horoscopes column featuring Aries (March 20 - April 19). As I suggested in this column 2 issues ago with my description of SWEET DREAMER / ABSOLUT PISCES, it appears that we may have the second of 12 monthly installments of what I will call the BRITISH VOGUE FASHION SERIES, featuring modified ads from the Absolut Zodiac Collection.
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