Absolut Iguana. French Bars back
ABSOLUT IGUANA is another French ad that's part of the BARS OF FRANCE Series, featuring establishments that serve Absolut Vodka exclusively. This traditional photo has the Absolut bottle on a reflective surface, in a bright spotlight against a black backdrop. The twist in this ad is that the bottle is turned sideways, exposing the green scales and tail of an iguana (a large lizard). As with French ads, TBWA\PARIS and the typical info, including ©2001 and photo by Michel Dubois, are printed up the left margin. Below the logo, is written in French: Absolut Vodka Est Vendue A L/Iguana Cafe, 9 Rue Des Bateliers, 67009 Strasbourg. (Strasbourg is a town in France; it's the cultural and economic capital of Alsace.)
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