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Classic Vodka
by Nicholas Faith and Iam Wisneiwski
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.78 x 7.29 x 4.83
Publisher: Prion Books; (August 1997)
ISBN: 7853752347

The Vodka Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide
by Desmond Begg
Hardcover: 192 pages 
Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.75 x 5.50
Publisher: Running Press; (April 1998)

The Book of Gins and Vodkas
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.78 x 7.29 x 4.83
Publisher: Prion Books; (August 1997)
ISBN: 7853752347

Book Description from Amazon.com
Author Bob Emmons provides expert tasting notes on gin, vodka, and aquavit - from the most popular to the more obscure. He describes historical and current production methods, recent trends, and the different flavoring components of these liquors. The book includes advice on how to organize a tasting, a brief history of the martini, and a chapter of recipes for a variety of martinis and other cocktails.

William Rice, Chicago Tribune
Timely, well conceived and evenhanded. Emmons offers 'a little history' of each white spirit and explains how each is made. He describes the leading bands and offers cocktail recipes. Give this as a present along with a brace or two of martini glasses.

F. Paul Pacult, author of Kindred Spirits
Once again, spirits author Bob Emmons has squarely hit the mark with his terrific new book . . . Clear, succinct, and packed with the keen insights of not just a true believer, but an accomplished and reliable authority. The Book of Gins and Vodkas goes down as smoothly as a crisp Gin and Tonic on a sweltering July day.

Robert Plotkin, Principal, Barmedia
Americans in droves are rediscovering the elegance and intriguing complexity of gin and vodka. They are imbued with light bodies, engaging and pervasive flavors, and aromas as crisp as celery. That Bob Emmons appreciates every nuance of gin and vodka is perfectly evident. This is a masterful work, a fitting tribute to these centuries-old spirits.

Bon Appetit
Information on two popular spirits gets distilled in The Book of Gins and Vodkas. This 248-page volume provides a history of the liquors, a discussion of production methods, and extensive tasting notes for premium and super-premium brands. There are also cocktail recipes, Martini lore and instructions for setting up gin and vodka tastings.

Complete World Bartender Guide
by Bob Sennett (Editor)
Mass Market Paperback: 540 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 6.88 x 4.21
Publisher: Bantam Books; Revised edition (December 1993)
ISBN: 055329900X


The standard reference to more than 2,400 drinks including nonalcoholic drinks and drinks for dieters

Every recipe illustrated with proper glass

Learn how to create the perfect drink for every occasion

You donít need to take a mixology course to master the art of mixing drinks with style and confidence. All you need to know is in the Complete World Bartender Guide. From classic cocktails to little-known concoctions, this comprehensive reference contains easy-to-follow recipes for more than 2,400 drinks that will make you the toast of any party. This indispensable resource also includes:

  • Handy tips on setting up your bar and buying the right amount of liquor and supplies
  • Illustrations of proper glassware next to each recipe
  • Instructions for brewing beer
  • Professional tricks and shortcuts
  • Drinks for dieters
  • More than 200 recipes for delicious nonalcoholic drinks
  • Expert advice on selecting and serving wine
  • And much more!

The ultimate bar-top reference

The Perfect Cocktail
by by Greg Dempsey
Dimensions (in inches): 0.60 x 8.21 x 4.52
Publisher: Main Street Books; (December 1995)
ISBN: 038547914X

Whether you're serving the classic cocktail or the latest specialty shot, today's bartender or host needs to know more than how to splash liquor into a glass. Pouring a flawless drink is an art, and The Perfect Cocktail shows you how to do it right every time. It covers all the most frequently ordered drinks--the classics like a Bloody Mary and a Dry Martini--but it is also the only guide to include complete recipes for the newest mixed drinks and the latest specialty shots, concoctions with names like Woo Woo and Fireball.

Here are all the drink recipes that you'll ever need to know--and none of the recipes that no one seems to order.

So whether you're a home bartender who wants to pour a perfect drink every time, or a professional who'd like to brush up on technique and stay ahead of the crowd's shifting tastes, The Perfect Cocktail is the most valuable tool behind any bar or in any kitchen.

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