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ABSOLUT EVA & ADELE. This ©2000 ad features artwork by Berlin Germany performance artists Eva & Adele, also known as the Hermaphrodite Twins. They dress identically and appear with shaved heads. The ad features twin adjoining silver Absolut bottles, with pink-lettered ABSOLUT EVA on one and ABSOLUT ADELE on the other; drawn across the center of the bottles, in red lipstick, are their likeness within a heart shape. In pink, EVA & ADELE is printed across the bases of the bottles, up side down. In a setting reminiscent of the typical ad presentation, the bottles are resting on a shiny surface in a spotlight against a darker background. However, the twist in this ad is that the background is pink and the spotlight is heart-shaped. Forming a border is a repetitive series of two photographs featuring the artists: a blue, floor-to-ceiling shot, and the artists dressed something like orange bumblebees with heart-shaped wings. TBWA and the usual Euro ad info is printed up the left margin.
Grapefruit Design

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