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ABSOLUT EGO is on page 48 of the October 2000 issue of Flash Art magazine (Italy). It features small pictures of the 16 artists from the ABSOLUT ORIGINALS Series from Time Europe: Balka, Barcelo', Ben, Cattelan, Clemente, Delvoye, Fairhurst, Gagnere, Hirst, Hollein, Kana, Mariscal, Ofili, Saudek, Trockel and Wolgers. Some of the pictures include and Absolut bottle or part of the artist's original Absolut ad. There is a black circle in the center of the page with a white Absolut shape inside with Absolut Ego printed across it. Written on either side is: "16 hype artists exhibit their ego on line. 16 one-man show featuring portraits of the famous bottle. Visit Absolut Ego @www.UCAD.Fr until December 31st."
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