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ABSOLUT PERSISTENCE is a new ad featuring the Absolut Vanilia bottle in the traditional presentation: resting on a semi-reflective surface and bathed in a spotlight against a gray backdrop. Of course, there's always a twist. Here the bottle is surrounded by broken wooden Dixie cup spoons, the kind used to eat ice cream from a wax-covered, plastic cup. Someone has foolishly, but persistently, trying over and over to get a taste of that delicious vanilla flavor. Everyone should know that the best way to taste Absolut Vanilia starts with removing the bottlecap! (Rich, Robust and Complex. It's A Different Kind Of Vanilla. That's printed under the logo, along with typical info, like ©2003 and photograph by Leon Steele.)
Ice Cream scrapers broken around a bottle
Copyright: 2003
Grapefruit Design

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