Absolut Patience. 1-pg back
ABSOLUT PATIENCE is one of those new-style ads, but in a 1-page format, rather than 2-pages. There's a close-up of the side of an Absolut Vodka bottle, just below the neck, with a small, non-traditional logo in the lower left corner. Just below the logo is the statement: "A martini can be made in as little as 63 seconds. An ABSOLUT martini, however requires a bit more lead time. 10 months to grow the winter wheat and 50,000 years for our water source, a bedrock acquifer, to form." (Wow! That IS patience!) This statement is below that: "OUR DEVOTION TO PERFECTION IS ABSOLUT." Printed down the upper right margin is the typical ad info, including ©2002 and photograph by Coppi Barbieri. Following Absolut Origin, Absolut Sanctity and Absolut Halo, this is the next ad in a new series of Absolut ads which are part of the ABSOLUT HERITAGE CAMPAIGN.
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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