Absolut Extract. Spectacular back
ABSOLUT EXTRACT is the latest ad spectacular from The Absolut Company. The two-sided ad is made of heavy white paper folded in half to form an 8"x11" sleeve, which is cut through with a large Absolut shape. Glued inside the sleeve is an opaque plastic sheet with a gray Absolut Vanilia bottle visible in the cutout. (You can see clearly through the words Absolut Vanilia.) The bottle is outlined by a continuous perforation, so that you can easily remove, or extract, it. There is a gray logo at the bottom of the ad, with the words "Rich, Robust, and Complex. It's a Different Kind of Vanilla." printed below. The typical Absolut info is printed on the reverse side of the ad, including Printed by Carolyn Burbridge at Match NYC, and ©2003.
white cardboard (or thick paper) ad with a large die cut Absolut bottle. The die cut Absolut bottle is a clear, plastic Absolut Vanilla bottle that's perforated so you can punch it out (
Copyright: 2003
Grapefruit Design

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