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ABSOLUT 20 000 LIEUES. This another French ad that's part of the BARS OF FRANCE Series, featuring establishments that serve Absolut Vodka exclusively; here, the pub is in the City of Marseille. This traditional photo has the Absolut bottle on a reflective surface, in a bright spotlight against a black backdrop. Actually, the bottle is being lifted of the reflective surface by the tentacles of a giant octopus! This is obviously a reference to the classic novel (and movie) by Jules Verne: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The English word "Leagues" can be translated into French as "Lieues", hence the logo. As with French ads, TBWA and the typical info, including photo by Michel DuBois and ©2002, are printed up the left margin. Below the logo, is written in French: Absolut Vodka Est Vendue Au Pub Le 20 000 Lieues, 12 Boulevard Alexandre DeLabre, 13008 Marseille. (This is a quarter-page ad.)
Octopus holding the bottle
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