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SWEET DREAMER and ABSOLUT PISCES are two parts of a new Absolut ad found on pages 343 and 345 of the 3/99 issue of Vogue magazine (UK edition). The two photos are the same images used for the 2-page ABSOLUT PISCES ad that is part of the ABSOLUT ZODIAC COLLECTION. The new ads feature a model, "back-to-back" wearing a blue hat. Pisces, the Fishes, is a water sign and it's raining onto the hat on the first page (Sweet Dreamer). But, on the second page (Absolut Pisces), the hat has strings and jewels hanging off it, representing fake rain pouring off the hat; the letters ABSOLUT are also hanging from the strings. This is all in keeping with the traditional presentation of Pisces as two fish swimming in opposite directions.
The SWEET DREAMER page states:
Vogue Promotion
ABSOLUT PISCES EXISTS IN A DREAMWORLD. SHE IS FEMININE, AFFECTIONATE AND LOVING UNTIL THE BUBBLE BURSTS AND REAL LIFE INTRUDES. Absolut Vodka has created a fashion collection based on the signs of the zodiac. Pictured here and overleaf, Austrian designer Daniel Swarovski offers his interpretation of Pisces.
Photography: Karina Taira
Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
Make-up: Regine Bedot
Model: Ljupka Gojik @ Next
Varuna charmed men, submerging each in a gentle rain of affection until she began to doubt. A negligent remark on his part and she sensed danger ...

The ABSOLUT PISCES page continues:
... fearing the pain of rejection, Varuna would become cold, turn tail and dart away."
The ABSOLUT PISCES logo is at the bottom and the traditional TBWA jargon runs up the left margin, including a 1999 copyright date and a repeat of the words Vogue Promotion.
Between the 2 Absolut ad pages is the magazine's monthly Horoscopes column featuring Pisces (February 19 - March 20). Will this VOGUE PROMOTION, featuring modified ads from the Absolut Zodiac Collection, continue for the next 11 months? Please let me know what you think! I hope it continues, because it is a variation on the traditional Absolut Vodka ad campaign.
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