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ABSOLUT PESSIMIST is on page 100 of the 5/98 issue of Esquire mag (UK ed.). Previously published in the 1/1/95 issue of the British newspaper The Independent On Sunday, this ad is the magazine version. It looks just like the ABSOLUT OPTIMIST ad previously published in the 12/95 issue of the British mag The Face (and the 1/1/95 newspaper The Independent On Sunday).
Absolut Pessimist shows a half-empty bottle of Absolut Vodka while the Absolut Optimist ad shows a half-full bottle. This is a play on the age-old adage: an absolut optimist is happy that the bottle still has some vodka in it, while an absolut pessimist is upset that some of the vodka is gone. While, in actuality, they both have absolutly the same amount of vodka left. The only difference is in your perspective!
Below the Absolut Pessimist ad logo, it states: LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. HALF A BOTTLE OF PURE ABSOLUT IS STILL BETTER THAN A FULL BOTTLE OF ANYTHING ELSE. "TBWA" and the traditional Absolut info is up the ad's left side.
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