Absolut 90-60-90.  back
ABSOLUT 90-60-90. This ad features a dazzling tiara, covered with bright, sparkling diamonds. The tiara is resting on a reflective surface, against a black background; no spotlight is necessary, since the diamonds are so
bright! The center portion of this "crown" is shaped like an Absolut bottle. This tiara is absolut perfection and could easily be resting on the head of a beauty pageant winner - a shapely woman with bust-waist-hip measurements of 36-24-36 (in inches) or 90-60-90 (in centimeters). Hence, the logo (with some Italian words below). Printed up the left margin of this Italian ad is the typical information, including TBWA, www.Absolut.com and ©2000. (This ad is virtually identical to ABSOLUT '70, '85, '93...)
Grapefruit Design

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