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ABSOLUT EXPOSURE and ABSOLUT IMAGE are the newest Absolut Spectacular ads, back-to-back on an stiff insert between pages 28 and 29 of the 1998 Annual issue of Canadian Geographic magazine. This is not one of the 6 bi-monthly issues, but the First Edition of "Through The Lens" with Canada's best writers and photographers. The Absolut ads were photographed by Graham Law.
ABSOLUT EXPOSURE is a close-up of a camera lens with a cut-out of an Absolut shape right in the middle. Looking through the lens, you can see part of page 29, exposing a view of the green forests and snow-covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies.
ABSOLUT IMAGE is an overlapping montage of photos showing parts of some Absolut Vodka bottles. In the center is a "photograph" with the Absolut shape cut-out. Looking through the opening, you can see part of page 28, showing the image of an endangered Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf.
To be effective, any Absolut ad collector must include pages 28 and 29 with these two ads.
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